Corbyn reveals secret documents that 'confirm Tories plot to sell off NHS in US trade talks with Trump'

I find it interesting how people can claim that a Democratic administration would be more imperialistic than a Republican one because of foreign policy decisions designed to mitigate the direct consequences of the illegal oil war started by the war criminals in the Bush administration. The Democrats made some shitty foreign policy decisions, but they were all designed to clean up the mess left by their predecessors who irrevocably fucked the entire region before the subsequent administration was handed the impossible task of cleaning up that dumpster fire.

Nobody should have voted for the Iraq war, but their justification was also based on the Bush administration cooking up 100% fraudulent evidence which was passed off as legitimate. I find the claim that the previous Democratic administration was "warmongering" to be incredibly weak. Almost none of those decisions would have been made if we weren't already balls deep in multiple wars in a region that a criminal Republican administration previously destabilized. Many of their decisions were bad, but they were handed an impossible situation. The fact that someone can claim Democratic foreign policy would be worse than a Republican administration who had John Bolton as a NSA is utterly laughable.

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