Corey Graves: "Let everyone be themselves. This micromanagement stuff has to stop we are our own worst enemies in this situation. I just want to be a fan. I want to enjoy it. I want to watch my friends be awesome stars and have great matches."

But there are good soap opera storylines and over-the-top soap opera storylines. Again, that's what made soap operas so compelling as well. The "Who Shot J.R." on Dallas stuff was great...until the reveal. The Luke & Laura relationship and marriage on General Hospital (I'm not old enough to know but the history of the ratings, et al. can easily be found) was one about redemption and second chances. Yes, there were some campy, silly things along the way but most people remember the character progression involved. Which is what the soap opera aspect of wrestling is supposed to bring. And then the ring portion is where you validate those motives and not only make a statement to your opponent(s) but also a statement about your worth and talent. They compliment each other.

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