Coronavirus Florida: Bradenton ‘church’ ordered to stop selling bleach as COVID-19 miracle cure

My cousin has autism and he is the most amazing human being I know. Yes, it was a lot of work for the family to help him grow (he couldn't speak until ~8 which made communication a struggle for him, he had some delays like that he overcame), but he flourished from the love and teaching we (especially his amazing parents, my aunt and uncle) showed to him.

He is the most imaginative, compassionate, loving, hard-working, devoted, loyal, adventurous, interesting, funny person in my life, and he inspires me all the time. He has changed my life only for the better by being my cousin.

Autism doesn't mean you're broken, I wish people would get that. It's just a thing that happens sometimes, a neuroatypical way of existing, and it's not a weakness by any means. My cousin's autism is part of why he is so unique and amazing. No one is the same and the differences between us, the different ways we look at life and solve problems and express ourselves, are why we have all of the amazing things we have in life.

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