Coronavirus Megathread May 12

Santa Clara County, CA:

We have 5 more weeks of distance learning to go, and after that, our school district is not planning to open until late August. Our county has some of the strictest laws in the country, but our actual caseload is very low.

The idea of my kindergartener potentially going for more than 5 consecutive months total without legally being allowed to: Go to a playground Visit the library Sit at a public picnic table or restaurant Play in the sand at the beach or tide pools Go on playdates at all Attend school, summer camp, or daycare Even participate in a drive-by birthday party Visit zoos and museums Explore state and national parks

feels sad and overwhelming, especially with an extremely hot summer on the horizon. This is especially true because we’ve already been sheltering in place since March 17th.

I’m tempted to move to another county or state temporarily if these restrictions stretch on past May 30th. Has anybody here already done anything like that?

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