Coronavirus Megathread Update (January, 2021)

Hey so I made about 80k in 2020 in NYC. Usually between federal and state, I receive about 1000 - 1300 bucks in a tax refund (I often opt to withhold $20 bucks per paycheck for both state and federal taxes just as insurance to not owe anything when I file.) I got my w2 back from my company and it all looked like last year for the most part. Know we can't file yet, but ran it through a quick turbo tax calculator to see what I could expect back for refunds just to plan, and it told me I should expect about 3,300 back this year because of the CARES act.

I never heard about anything that would cause this - did I enter something incorrectly? Do I live under a rock and not hear about something that is giving people bigger tax refunds this year? Apologies if this has already been answered I searched and couldn't find anything. Thanks y'all.

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