Coronavirus: Premier League and EFL clubs WILL NOT return on April 30 with new date to be announced

Sponsors - sponsors pay for a deal spanning X years so this doesn't apply.

Ticket sales - doesn't matter what season it is, fans will still come and watch

Player contracts - players are still being paid whether there is football or not. Yes some contracts run out in June but thats a problem even if you want to resume the season.

Season bonuses - These can always be paid as though the season ended now, or players can be compensated in other ways. It's not up to the league to sort individual player contracts and I don't see why it would be a big issue for them.

TV money - No matter how you organise it, TV companies will have lost out on some games. Carry this season on and next season will have to be shorter. There's no net gain in the number of televised matches by playing 19/20 in September rather than 20/21.

Prize money - Can simply be issued based on current standings. It's not really that big of a deal.

So to go back, I really don't see why financial considerations mean this season must be completed.

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