Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire through my workplace.

If it makes you feel better. A “friend” of mine works for a government agency. They aren’t doing much either. Testing sure. Email about mask and social distancing sure. Is anything being enforced. Absolutely fucking not.

They provide a service to the public so I’m sure you can google it. They have increased our appointments and now having to work SATURDAYS during a pandemic to “KEEP UP”with backlog. Believe me. The state doesn’t give a shit. You are on our own. Also my office has elderly people in it. Along with high risk people. So again. The state doesn’t give a shit if a state agency can’t even handle a virus correctly.

I hope we turn blue in November. I voted for Trump. Don’t know why. I was dumb. As a native Texan I have never been more disgusted with our state and our piss poor leadership.

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