Coronavirus treatment: Hit hard and early to help the most people

I am hopeful they'll be able to combine two emerging technologies here.

I am lucky to live in an area where they are trying home-test kits (I've used one). This is one where you self-swab and the Amazon Health picks it up and brings to a lab, then they email you the results. Hopefully this sort of testing can be brought nationally. It's great for people that are mildly ill or asymptomatic.

In the trial below, they are delivering a pill to your home right after you test positive. Hopefully, they can identify a safe medicine that helps curb symptoms early on, and is safe enough...

When you combine these two ideas - home testing and home delivery medication - you can treat mild/asymptomatic patients without them leaving home, and without absorbing/endangering health care workers.

Obviously we don't know if there are relatively safe pills that help with early stage diseases, and, we still aren't funding these home test kits enough to get them out of my local areas. But sheesh, if you're going to spend a few trillion bucks to help the economy, just direct a small sliver of that to home-testing + pills that work on early stages of t he disease.

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