Cost of high school football stadium rises to $70 million

I'm a local resident and this whole thing pisses a lot of people off. Such a small fraction of students who play in that stadium will ever play at the professional level.

70 million and it probably doesn't even come with an airstrip for opposing teams' high school jets. And they probably don't even have a marching band jet.

This happens in all the states though - I love sports and playing and coaching but by the time some students are 15 they've become convinced they'll be playing pro.

Teaching at a high school over a period of 2 years I had 5 students who were failing pulled from my classes and others so they didn't get bad marks and could continue playing basketball. They were all going to play in the NBA (How many starters does the NBA have? 150?) And this at a school with a mediocre basketball team in a mediocre basketball state in a mediocre conference that the team never won.

They all completely failed academically - and the students are to blame, but especially the adults and coaches who threw away these kids' academic records to win the metro basketball championship or whatever (not even state). I mean, I don't want to stifle dreams but these kids never had a shot at pro.

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