Cost Of Living Could Shape Canada's Election, Pollsters Say | Debt is high, savings are low, and Canadians are on edge.

Cost of living goes up when you slowly kill the free market, since free markets lower the cost of living. When you bail out Bombardier/GM/Chrysler, you are killing the free market.

When society encourages you to take on debt, people take on debt. Right now, inflation is higher than interest rates, so it PAYS to take on debt. No wonder we have so much debt.

Savings are low because inflation is higher than interest rates, so you LOSE money saving it. You are forced to gamble in the stock market (at really high Price/Earning ratios) to make money by investing. All savings (bonds and savings accounts and GIC's) are going even with inflation at best.

Canadians are on edge due to decades of fucking over the middle class in favour of the rich people that buy our politicians (Bombardier).

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