Costco shooting: Off-duty officer killed nonverbal man with intellectual disability

But your frustration is brought on by yourself. If you don't want cops to be shrouded in a bad light, stop arguing with citizens on Reddit about arbitrary bullshit and go do something about it.

So until institutional policing issues are fixed I'm not allowed to have personal opinions?

I acknowledged my false equivalency was wrong, why can't you own up to why you may be receiving the backlash from the rest of reddit on this thread? Probably because you're a cop, and you can do no wrong.

I've said like 5 times that the anger and frustration is completely justified.

You're teaching me all cops are bad, and none of them can take any criticism or explanation

I've also said several times that I could do better.

I never downvoted you, but I'm teaching you to not engage?

I shouldn't have said "you're teaching" I meant people in general. Yeah you've been very forthcoming and civil. I appreciate that.

You don't want people to be mean to you for the job you do? Stop identifying what job you do. That's a no fucking brainer.

You're right, that's what I'm going to do. But as I've said, it's frustrating and some unfair. Am I complaining? Yeah. Oh well.

go do something about it.

I don't understand why me making a comment on reddit means I'm not doing something.

3/4 of the people on reddit are some combination of white, male, western, abled, cis, straight, and rich. I'd hope, while they're commenting on reddit about injustice, that they're doing their best to solve that same injustice.

In general I'm sure whatever youve been through has been worse than my experiences. I have a lot of respect for that, and want to acknowledge it.

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