Cottesloe is a dump.

30 cents in every dollar wasn't it... Came back to WA... There was a whole campaign about how WA kinda got shafted real bad.

84% of cottesloe homes are classified as 'older/old' families with a home turnover rate of 144 last year averaging 2.4 mil. That's 10million.

Now let's look at a single asset. Say to provide a train there... Fremantle line - 6.2 million people in 2019-2020, you know feeling generous, let's take 2018-2019 and give cottesloe and fremantle the benefit of the doubt. 7.5 million. And let's say all of them pay full price. Of the 58 million transits. 16 stops on fremantle. So let's say for the sake of it, the same number of people get off at cott to go home. Even though 99% of them go to fremantle. So thats 500,000 passengers through cottesloe.

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