Could anyone provide (a bit more) feedback please?

Hey, that was me! Hear me out.

I think there's a balance between having your head up high enough to get your shoulders out, and not too high that your feet sink. That's also related to how good your kick is; if your kick is stronger (if your name is Michael Phelps), you can afford to have your head a bit higher because your feet won't be sinking as much, or a bit lower because you'll be moving fast enough to keep your body level. And you don't want the water smacking you in the face, but you also don't want to have to break that much more surface tension every pull because your upper body is now way lower.

This guy isn't Michael Phelps (although you look way more comfortable than a month ago, op!), so the balance between pulling your body up without making your feet sink is more delicate, and important. So in the first video, the water is actually going over his head and his back. He was definitely too low with his head there. That said, I think you've lifted it up a biiit too much, because your feet are lower in this one and thats not good either. You need a bit of a middle ground, but I don't think you have the speed yet to have it so low that it feels like the water is going over your head.

As for the rest of your stroke, it definitely looks smoother. You're doing a sort of pause in your kick when you breath to your left, which might be related to your lower feet or might not. I have no idea if that would make your triceps tired (I don't think so..?).

For full disclosure, this is not my first conversation about head positioning - I'm not even happy with my head position anymore, I think because my kick isn't as strong anymore after graduating, and because it was very strong while I was competitive due to all the kick sets I did healing a shoulder injury. My kick and my head don't match anymore.. sad times. Also, I might come back and edit this if I think of a better way of explaining what I mean.. I wrote this juuust waking up.

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