Could the dudes that want smoke actually show up?

So, I'll tell you a story which may or not be true. Its the sort of thing I was up to at the time. I was in the lab working on experimental martial arts tech from China. My girl pulls up and says there's a kidnapping. I'd just sold all the gear at a nice markup, so I snatched it back real quick and got on the mission.

I pull up at the scene. I call 911. 911 starts arguing about who's jurisdiction it is. Meanwhile homie is like "I'm gonna kill her quick". So I bust out the tech on him, nothing much, I'm about to kick his door. Instead, I use my gear to summon cops. A LOT of cops. They found me behind the tracks attacking a building in full ninja mode. They're looking at me like I'm the dude.

All of a sudden, dude is like "I'm gonna kill the bitch RIGHT NOW!"

So I dip. Then a few days later I get framed for a crime. I'm drugged and tortured and they're looking for a confession. So I start rambling. I'm in jail and I get a kite that the feds are after my girl. What? They're looking for my kit. My girl is like get a warrant. A few weeks later I get invited to speak to my lawyer. There was no lawyer. It was the feds.

They interrogated me for about an hour, threatening to tear my house up for the kit. Gone, sold. All legal anyways. Now, they're trying to put terror attacks on me.

I'm already hip, so I was like, lets get this asshole. Did you guys bring the map? I was in jail, so I'd had nothing better to do than study science. I explain to the police and the feds how to catch the guy. Then I gave them design specs. They were like "You should've been a sniper." The police were embarassed, the feds and I then discussed various military issues, they thanked me for saving the girl and they left. This was the sort of thing I was up to.

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