Could I endure BYU for two semesters as a non-believer?

The undergraduate catalog has the following relevant bits, about religion courses and the first year:

  • "while students are enrolled at BYU, they are required to take religion courses from BYU"
  • "All new freshmen are encouraged to complete the Book of Mormon requirement (Rel A 121/H and 122/H) during their first year at the university"
  • "For First-Year Students. Although the time to complete GE requirements varies according to the major, all new students are expected to complete the First-Year Writing requirement and take at least one course towards completing the American Heritage requirement during their first year. Students are also expected to take one religion course each semester, and complete their schedule by adding other general education and major-related courses. Those individuals beginning summer term are expected to enroll in a 3-credit hour mentored course. To facilitate success in these courses, the University provides first-year students with a peer mentor. Mentored courses include First-Year Writing, American Heritage, and a number of other general education and major-related courses. These courses are available through the University registration system by envelope. Early registration for fall semester mentored courses may be completed through the Freshman Mentoring website. In addition, students who need to fill the Quantitative Reasoning requirement (ACT math subscore below 22) should do so in their first year. It is also recommended that all new students begin work in the mathematics or foreign language options under Languages of Learning. Students planning to satisfy the Scientific Principles and Reasoning: Biological Science or Physical Science requirements with the two-course options (PDBio 120 + MMBio 240; chemistry, geology, and physics combination options) should also complete these during their first two years, making some progress on them in their first year. Civilization courses are designed as sophomore-level courses, although some programs include them during the freshman year. Visit college advisement centers or department offices for advice on when to complete the other GE requirements."

It doesn't outright say what the consequences will be if you don't take religion your first year, but it seems pretty risky. The scenario I imagine is that your student-ward bishop gets notified about it during your first semester and decides to pull your ecclesiastical endorsement if you don't enroll in one the second semester.

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