Could someone in as partisan a way as possible ELI5 the protests in France right now?

Here is a set of demands:

Beyond demanding a halt to the fuel tax scheduled to become effective in January 2019, the gilets jaunes ask for a lower tax on energy products and instead suggest that the government raise a tax on maritime fuel and on kerosene. They also demand subsidies for cars that run on hydrogen rather than electricity. They call for de-privatizing the gas and electricity providers, and demand lower taxes on small businesses and individuals (note here that the French pay significantly more in wage taxes than Americans), prioritizing the support of small businesses over large corporations and chains, and an end to the collection of credit card fees from merchants. They ask for an end to austerity measures, and ask for additional investment to get unemployed people back to work and more training programs to transition workers into new positions. They ask for an increase in the minimum wage and a parity in work protections afforded to French workers and foreign workers working in France and in the French territories. They ask for a review of the limits applicable to renting assistance, an urgent end to homelessness, and more ecologically-sound housing. They demand an end to the closures of smaller post offices, public schools, and birth hospitals. Also, higher benefits for disabled people, along with more inclusivity measures in all aspects of life including cultural activities.

More fundamentally, they ask for a mechanism in the constitution to trigger referendums, a return to the seven-year presidential term from the current five-year term, and an end to lifetime salaries for presidents of the republic.

from this article by a french woman returning to france during the protests.

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