This could start a war

The actual answer is that the article author purposefully used inflammatory language to rile up both people who support it and those who are against it. Why? Because emotional investment of any kind gets more clicks, views and money. It is NOT a carefully sourced and edited article on scientific study or public survey. It’s not even an article; google it. It’s just a list of fifteen or so “plus sized” women saying they don’t like fat men. And ironically, the top comment on it is a woman saying she doesn’t care about men’s weight in a relationship as long as they respect her. This is not some representative piece of all women’s thoughts wherein they all think men can handle being called fat, but women can’t. That misunderstanding is why this post crossed over into misogyny. Because this was just another shitty clickbait “article”, of which you can find many on ANY topic (though especially on hot topics like these), but this “murder” is a sweeping conclusion that women think themselves better than men, which people have based off of a clickbait site no better than Buzzfeed.

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