Could teenage body issues seem like dysphoria?

You could be confused, we are all at some point, but as vague as this is it sounds like it could be dysphoria. Could be though.

When I was growing up I just hated myself. My body, my voice, my hair, my height, just everything. I figured I just got a bad draw at life and I'll hate everything til I die. Then I started reading about others who felt the same, and learning about transgender/dysphoria, and even options to transitioning.

As I learned more I was able to place my feelings better. I realized that it wasn't normal for a guy to hate himself this much, that it isn't normal for men to walk around day dreaming of being the girl next to them, or having their clothes/accessories or anything like that. Guys didn't do that, so why was I.

Again, I'm not saying you are trans or have dysphoria as there isn't much information here, but it sounds possible. Being confused and not understanding your feelings exactly is pretty normal.

You may just be a cis girl who is having issues with her image, which is fine, or you may be trans.

I'd offer to maybe look over on /r/ftm if you get some time and want to maybe ask the guys a few personal questions, but of course you can ask more here as well! That subreddit also has some great information from what I've seen on the side bar too.

<3 ~hugs~

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