Couldn't think of a better way to spend the First [6]

I think I need to type out some stuff right now, but this is the only place I can I'm sorry. I'm on mobile so I'm sorry for anything that doesn't make sense.

Tonight I got caught by my parents, but it wasn't bad. They were super understanding and noticed that even though I have been smoking I keep my grades up so they weren't too mad. They even still let me go out for New Years! They took my stash, which saddens me. The worst part is that I lost my trusty pipe named Oswald. They told me I shouldn't and to not get high, be high, have trees, or have high friends in their property which is totally understandable. Getting caught I actually think is a good thing for my future and I appreciate that.

The thing I'm actually worried about is the example I set for my friends. I was the first "straight edge" kid to start doing the things that are traditionally not straight edge. (I.e. Weed, parties, alcohol) I think quite a few people followed my example sort of because they saw how I pulled it off.

I have been hearing rumours about a good friend of mine from school got really drunk at a party and was unresponsive. Ambulance was called and all that. He is seriously a good kid and this may have messed him up seriously with his parents and his future. He went too far.

I typed this out because I'm feeling emotions for my bro right now who's fun life is gonna be messed up for a while. I believe he will be alright though.

I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here but I know /r/trees is the nicest community I am a part of so I thought you guys might not mind. I'm gonna be taking an extended T-break for a while but I know you guys are my family.

Also a message to OP. I'm really feeling this post and I'm gonna watch all the LOTR tomorrow just for you. If I could upvote you more than once I totally would. Much love to you OP!

I ask that anyone who took the time to read this wall of text just send some love towards my buddy. I'm sending some love to you guys right now.

Damn that was long and deep I should do a tl;Dr.

Tl;dr : I got caught but that's not what in worried about. My good friend is in a bad way and he needs all the love he can get. LOTR is great. OP is great. Emotions have been happening like crazy tonight. Love you all. You guys are my family. Stay safe.

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