I Couldn't Be More Positive - A 45 year old amateur cyclist dopes with TRT

Fuck a throwaway. Not having a doctors advice is #1 concern. Too many gymbros out there passing off dated, or just plain wrong advice and will leave you a wrecked mess. There are so many doctors out there now that will prescribe test to anybody wants it, i have no clue why people would still be buying stuff from the streets. Just off top of my head, you need to read up on diff vitamins you should be taking like Milk Thistle, Vit C, fish oil, then you need something like nolva and anastrozole (spelling?) for PCT, you need access to clean syringes and needles, NEVER REUSE ANYTHING anyless you like staff infections. Its honestly a lot of work to put a cycle together and thats why so many casuals end up with boobs and a wrecked body. Once you put together all that shit and start your cycle, there is also an added motivation to get your time and money worth back out of it, so theres def an extra mental motivation there. Also id strongly recc never running anything till your at least 26-30 years old. Starting too young is a bad idea. You wanna give your body time to "need"* this shit. .......*i guess nobody actually "needs" the shit

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