Couldn't get the official collectible coin, so I made one myself

Upvoting poor basement dweller, who stole Valve's work and didn't even handmade it or something. 0 effort, click few buttons, boom and that shitty fake coin is out of printer.

My stupidity

Yeah, you are very smart dude, XD!

Yeah, I must be real poor to think that a small decorated slab of metal isn't worth $50

It's either that or you are too young to understand that trophies and medals doesn't work like that.

Stupidity is to buy Tyloo stickers for over $300 like all silver and gold nova traders did a while ago. "Price will go up", "investment", "rare" etc while I just laughed at poor kids who spent their last yearly savings to "invest" into stickers and now ended up with empty wallets and useless pixels which no one wants to buy :)

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