Couldn't have said it better myself.

Thank you for the link! I hadn't ...holy shit just what? First point; I looked up Bernie's sociopolitical trash, and it looks like it was an essay trying to point out traditional gender roles contribute to sexual violence.

Like saying women fantasize about being gang raped? And Trump's video was just locker room talk, right?

Secondly, even if it WAS a trashy romance novel, writing about a thing and doing/bragging about a thing are two VERY DIFFERENT THINGS.

So he hasn't gang raped a woman (that we know of), so that makes it ok to say women like it? Was todd akin ok for talking about "legitimate rape" can shut down pregnancy? He didn't rape anyone!

Your attempt to equate these two events is flimsy and offensive.

Your excuse making for men who advocate that women love gang rape is disgusting.

How am I deflecting criticism for the NRA??

Bringing up what hillary was doing at 18 years old when called out for the fact that you have done nothing to oppose the NRA and support a man who the NRA backed. Hillary has maintained an F rating from the NRA; bernie can't say the same. You're complicit.

I'm turning 30 in November.

Act like it.

Also, go tell Killer Mike or Spike Lee that Bernie's racist, see how far you get.

Fucking lmao, you used the classic "black friend" excuse. Just like Trump and his black supporter.

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