A counter-argument to the "Omg guys are u feeling the awakening?!" discussions

These are just my two cents on the matter, but I really do see that an awakening is taking place, it's just not what most people understand it to be. In this linear dominator society, we have all been controlled in many ways that most are not aware of. You realize our whole reality is an entirely fabricated game that has been invented by an elite to implement their agendas and maintain control and you're in the middle of a changing maze. Alot of the time it's not pleasant, you have to become aware of some of the darkest most insidious aspects of yourself and the world around you, it wouldn't be much of an awakening if you didn't. Many layers of who you think you are and what you think the world is will be shed, you realize just about everything you thought you knew was a lie. But ultimately you come to understand that you've been a much bigger part of a cosmic drama of the universe experiencing itself, but not realizing it. Until now.

I think most of us deep down know that that in our current trajectory that the world doesn't have much of a future at this current rate, either a boot on the face of humanity or mass extinction. But like a swarm of white blood cells to an infection that would otherwise destroy us people are waking up and understanding this existence is so much more than we could have ever imagined, and becoming conscious creators of their reality and helping others to break the chains so that we may all see the oneness that truly is. We have all the means and technology to live in perpetual peace and harmony with each other, the planet and natural law. Are we really going to let a handful of the most extreme psychopaths do in this whole world, or are we going to claim our divine birthright of what we already are?

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