Counter-Strike: Global Offensive reaches 1.5m+ concurrent players peak since the announcement of Counter Strike 2

If they are saying what the comment I replied to is "you must be active in CSGO to get access, and only playing on valve mm counts towards highest player count numbers" then yes they're wrong

There is estimated to be less than 5% of players who have gotten in regardless of having played the game recently or in mm VS 3rd party clients, this can be shown by the number of pro/semi pro Valorant players who got in and haven't even opened CSGO in months

The stats for active players also always counted 3rd party clients so it's not like Valve's statement about "recently played on Valve official servers" 1) is true, or 2) caused a factitious increase to the player count from normal players being forced to switch to mm to try to get in

I'm completely done with discussing this on r/gaming because it's the exact problem with these massive subs, they misinterpret basic (but niche) info and argue about it

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