Countries that have owned land that is now part of the United States [OC] [1357x617]

Please, stop the apologist bullshit. America is a great country without having to deceive yourself about its history.

Sanford Dole and Lorrin Thurston, the two leaders of the coup, were both native-born Hawaiian citizens

Yes, a couple second generation american immigrants that despised Hawaiian people were part of the coup, therefore it was native Hawaiian movement. Please.

US minister to Hawaii John Stevens, a member of the group, arranged for US sailors and marines who were stationed on warships in Honolulu harbor to make their presence known, allegedly to protect American citizens. The sailors came off their ships, marched through the city, then reboarded their ships; this was the sum total of US military involvement.

Which was more than enough to intimidate the local government into capitulation.

PS - naval ships don't normally carry Army soldiers, who in 1893 had no reason whatsoever to be in Hawaii. If you can't get basic historical facts right, why do you bother blathering about them in public?

You want to be a smart-ass and distinguish between soldiers and marines, but then you can't tell the difference between sailors and marines? Marines are a lot closer to soldiers than sailors, and apparently you are familiar with the history here. That means you are either deliberately obfuscating to support your rosy tinted view of history, or you are an idiot, but probably both. What was that about blathering?

As for the Texas revolution, it occurred a decade before US annexation.

Once again you ignore all the backstage politics that intentionally escalated tensions and encouraged the american settlers to want to join the US. Calling the Hawaiian coup bloodless also ignores the extreme threat of violence inherent in Stevens sending Marines to protect the coup planners. If you don't think that military involvement was central to the success of the coup you have your head up you ass farther than I thought, which is saying something. That is still using violent means to achieve an end, or do you think women aren't raped if a man holds a gun to their head but doesn't actually shoot them?

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