A couple of people posted about GME_meltdown today, so I took a stroll. I enjoyed my time there.

This really does feel like jealosy here- they can't bear the notion of hope. They can't bear the idea that its ok for you to be a clueless chump learning a new thing. They can't emotionally cope with the order of financial classism being disregarded.

So they invest in "I told you so." Which, honestly, is a pretty safe bet- if you were wrong, you can just delete your post and slink off into the crummy corners of the internet. If you're right, you can use it to bully people you apparently think are prone to suicide? (like did these guys not think this through or are they sociopaths??)

But at this point, GME looks like an even better investment. But what do I know, being a person whom admits to being pretty financially illiterate and being emotionally invested in this. I literally watch cartoons to help cope with life. The neurologists think my normal looks like siezures and I have had this concerning divet in my skull since as far back as I can remember.

But the Apes here accept me for who I am, and heck, its safer to invest in a meme stock than joining a cult or MLM or getting into Rae Dunn collecting, so eh.

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