Court tells Lovin’ Dublin to remove bad restaurant review from website (Side-note: How does Yelp and others get away with it?)

My story about Harbison is that when I was 19 and simply zesty was a tiny company I sent them an email wondering if they had any internships open. He replied personally and basically asked me when I wanted to start without interviewing me at all. So I got excited. I was still in college and thought it'd be cool to get an internship while I was still doing college work, seeing how bad the economy was back then. Anyway he didn't reply to my reply for a few days so I tweeted something along the lines of "please get back to me, Simply Zesty! :)" without @ing them. I can see now that that probably wasn't a good idea, having worked in various social media-y jobs since then, but I was 19 and it was clearly meant in a jovial way so I didn't think about it too much. Anyway, within minutes of posting the tweet to my 60 or so followers I get an email from Harbison saying "Can you please clarify what you meant by this tweet???" Keep in mind, I hadn't heard from him regarding the internship but he was quick off the bat with the tweeting. I was mortified anyway and I sent him a quickly worded apology clarifying that it was intended for my followers who were my friends and that it was solely out of excitement about hearing back from them. Anyway it rattled me that he was so quick to lurk on his potential employees' social media accounts so I decided I wasnt interested in the internship and set up a rule to forward his reply to trash because I couldn't stomach reading it. I was too embarrassed. It was one of those things where I could immediately see that I had made an error because of my own inexperience at the time, but that he probably would have ended up an awful wanker to work for because of how seriously he took it and the fact that he confronted me about it. If I was him now I would have either read the context, understood the intention and forgot about it or I would have just not got back in touch about the job and taken on somebody else.

Anyway best of luck to him and his UTV millions. Someone else ended up giving me an internship instead and things went as planned, but I'm really fucking glad I sent that tweet and sabotaged myself because every story I hear about Harbison from other agencies I've worked with has been dodgy at best. Never trust a middle aged man who wears a SnapBack and has a picture of himself doing a TED Talk as his LinkedIn avatar.

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