One of the site leaders literally gathered everyone in a building next to the one that was evacuated to announce that the building they were in wouldn’t be evacuated, and that business will go on as usual. He then proceeded to inform those in that meeting that some people, including himself, that occupied one of the compromised buildings are going to migrate to the building where this announcement took place. What the fuck?

I have zero faith in their ability to properly sanitize those buildings. I have zero faith in leadership and their ability to contain this mess. I have zero faith that this will be contained in the NGC campus. It’s been compromised and should be treated as such.

NGC Melbourne leadership has continually:

  1. Failed to communicate properly to its employees.
  2. Constantly has put employees in great public health risk.
  3. Continues to place more employees in great public health risk.

This company is really starting to show its true colors; they are only about the project, deadlines and money vs people and their well-being.

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