COVID-19 ’ICU’ risk – 20-fold greater in the Vitamin D Deficient. BAME, African Americans, the Older, Institutionalised and Obese, are at greatest risk. Sun and ‘D’-supplementation – Game-changers? Research urgently required.

I'm glad the possibility is even admitted in your comment, and not arrogantly dismissed, as elsewhere in this thread. Maybe, just maybe, he found the reason that age increases risk. Maybe he found the explanation why states as diverse as California and Wyoming share very low deaths per million--because the people are outside in the sun. Can anyone explain why else Florida is doing so well, even Miami, with its horror show of travel from NYC and Italy, spring break, public transit, and late lockdowns? It should be a killing field.

There's a considerable body of epidemiology that favors sun exposure. It goes against what the dermatologists say, and so it is generally not publicized. Sun, unlike sunscreen, is free. And no, I'm not ignoring the risk of melanoma. That's in the mix.

And why wouldn't even the potential for such a discovery excite me? It's a lot more exciting than anything reported on remdesivir--except to the patent-holders who stand to make a few billion off it.

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