COVID-19: INS reports more than 60 cases of reinfection and warns that new variants increase the risk of infection

Lely Solar, an infectologist at the INS, explained that there are very serious cases of reinfection, even in people who have had serious initial symptoms.

So far, more than 60 probable cases of reinfection by coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) have been reported, warned Lely Solari, infectologist at the National Institute of Health of the Minsa . In addition, he noted that the appearance of new variants increases the risk of contracting the disease again.

“ Registered we have more than 60 cases of reinfection in our system, we know that there may be many more, especially in regions. The concept that the population has to know is that reinfection is something possible and that with the new variants this possibility increases, we must never lower our guard, even if we have already had the disease, "he said in RPP.

"We have to recognize the ability of the virus to adopt itself, the virus reorganizes and looks at the chance of staying in the body, we must see how to protect ourselves, if we have had a previous infection, the possibility of reinfection is certain", added the specialist

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