COVID-19 Megathread

Yeah, hoarding/price gouging is terrible but what of the hospitals/insurance companies that do it normally?

We've seen so many pictures of folk hoarding TP or loading crates filled with sanitizers in their trucks or we hear about people price gouging and we get annoyed and quite rightly so. But, isn't that exactly what the insurance companies and hospitals all just do? Why aren't people more mad about that?

With the Coronavirus there is a chance that you'll get ill but that individual who has cancer but doesn't have enough money for treatment AND rent is most likely going to die because of it. Or, what of that person who can't afford insulin or an asthma pump because of the predatory pricing?

The only difference I see here is that we've become so used to being bent over the barrel when it comes to healthcare that we don't try to do more.

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