COVID-19 Megathread

I am incredibly frustrated, SS9 lives several hours away and we usually have him on holidays. We’re supposed to have him next for Easter but he called tonight and asked SO to come get him for a week. SO tells him sure, we can try to work something out then asks me after he hangs up. I become the villain because I had to say not this weekend. First of all, MIL is in self isolation after returning from a cruise and she’s the one that normally watches BS2 while we make the car ride. Even more importantly, SO is severely immune compromised and currently has a bad case of bronchitis and SS9 lives in the area that has had the COVID19 cases in our province. I told him SS9 would have to be out of school for two weeks with no symptoms before I would consider him coming here and now SO is giving me the cold shoulder. Am I crazy for saying no? Would anyone else just go and get their SS?

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