Covid-19: UK offers hope to the world as Omicron surpasses peak

The previous waves factor into how many of the sickest / weakest have been weeded out. 150k of the old, sick and unlucky have already perished, many many more have gone through severe covid symptoms - we still have our weakest to lose. It is very much a relevant statistic.

Besides, what is there to look forward to 10k per day in QLD, a drop from 120k to a mere 60k in Australia? Half is not good enough. A tenth is not good enough. Short term data is not good enough. There is no viable data that demonstrates that once the first massive wave after every asshole and his dog partied through the holidays is depleted that the remaining 80% can’t get covid a few weeks later.

Just because we are over a massive peak does not mean that “all is well”. This will continue to be fucked up shit show until Omicron Booster is widespread.

That is late April, Early May. Until then we have a few more weeks of what we have now, maybe even worse and then a month or two at half of what we have now. Vaccine boosters will arrive after that and the remainder of as will take that and that is the only hope, cause no one is listening to any realistic mitigation… cause you are all cunts talking bullshit on every social media. Just utter cunts.

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