The Covid-19 vaccines reduce transmission. Here’s the evidence.

Even partial escape, a more resistant variant, could be an issue for vaccine rollout programs. What if vaccines need to be tweaked? It's going to cause delays. But aside from that, what if there's a more dangerous mutation that developes before everyones vaccinated - not vaccine resistant, just more dangerous. How many people are going to be affected if we're busy sending people back to school and work while vaccinations are still ongoing?

Long covid symtoms have been observed in people with mild cases, even asymptomatic cases. People who haven't had symptoms but have tested positive have had chest xrays and there's been distress seen on the heart and lungs. This thing gets everywhere, affects spinal cords, nervous system, eyes, brain, skin even. And it's been observed in children, which is the worst thing of all.

We just don't know enough about it to be messing about with it. That's all I'm saying.

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