COVID complacency is costing us

I was planning to crunch some numbers this weekend… I’m kinda curious how many hospitalisations we had due to respiratory infections before covid.

Things like influenza, pneumonia, etc. These diseases cause death too, and are serious to immunocompromised people.

I’ve been on antivirals before when I got the flu about 5 years ago. I thought i was going to die… I had hallucinations and didn’t go back to work for 10 days.

I work face to face with people all day… for extended periods of time. I probably talk to 100 different people on a normal day. I catch PT, was made to stop WFH as soon as possible. Weirdly, I’m still waiting for the spicy cough.

I think if you’re older, or immunocompromised, it will fuck with you… but the health system was fucked before covid.

Even though Telehealth is great for some things, I’m sure it’s been detrimental to peoples health not having a face to face appointment… or putting appointments off completely due to not wanting to risk catching covid. I’ve had close family members hesitate to go to emergency when having heart attack symptoms/stroke symptoms because they didn’t want to get covid

I put them off now due to the cost. My GP put the fee up from $76 to $99!!

I’m triple vaxxed and get the flu shot every year… how much longer is it worth staying home and not seeing faces? This shit isn’t going away

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