As COVID rips through Australia, is Scott Morrison's media strategy starting to fail as well?

What surprises me about our current mainstream media is how as soon as one major organisation began to become critical of our leadership, they all rapidly fell into line and began to do the same. Almost an all together or not at all situation.

I knew journalists have become fawning, lazy, access seeking transcribers of press releases, but but I never realized that they were gutless, cowards as well. I remember when Australian journalists used to really rip into our politicians - on our behalf because we weren't able to, ask them the tough questions, press them with research, data, challenge their assertions / claims (the basics!), so much so that I remember that politicians like John Howard, John Hewson and Keating ensured they appeared on TV 'live' because they were afraid the journo's might cut up the interview to make them look bad.

Today's effeminate press-release reporters would never dare to to that these days - no snobby Richard Carltons, smart Jana Wendts, Negus', gee wiz, even Mike Munro had more gumption about him than the gormless worms we have today.

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