COVID school closures most harm students from poorest neighborhoods

I'm a teacher in Ca. Last week I attended one of our unions Q&A and actually spoke up. I provided sources for my arguments and made points that no one else could refute or argue. I was called anti labor, anti education, racist (because since I want kids in school I must be a Trumper she said), and told that I was actively trying to kill teachers and kids parents by spreading all my "rhetoric." Again, they didn't refute or address any one of my points or claims, only made personal attacks.

I got into education because I enjoy teaching and I want to help kids reach their potential. Ive got a B.S. in mathematics and have passed 3 actuarial exams. If I wanted to make money I wouldn't be teaching. Im having a real hard time with everything and trying to figure out if I want to continue to do this. I dont want to stop, and give up on kids, but its incredibly disheartening realizing that education and a lot of the people involved in it aren't doing it for the good of the kids.

Sorry for rambling.

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