A coworker hates me and idk why

Good for you for standing up for yourself. Don't take her crap if she continues to be rude to you, but also leave her alone if you can. Only talk to her when its necessary.

I had the exact same problem with a guy I worked with at Walmart. I confronted him because he started to get so salty with me to a point where it was affecting his and my customers. He just hated me. When I found that out I basically just tried to get him to leave me alone. He was super jealous of me and at one point started copying everything I'd do at work. He'd get the same gear as me. Walk like me. Talk like me. And he'd try and fill my position in my department anytime he got the chance.

Eventually he started hitting on me and I just got colder with him as the days went on so he'd leave me alone. Don't put up with her ridiculousness, but try and avoid her as much as possible. Be super nice to her too, it'll piss her off, lol. I did that to my crazy coworker.

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