CP Level 4

Choose CP with Minigun Turret or High Ground advantage. They'll help you a lot during counter attack phase.

The Vault (Minigun Turret, High Ground advantage)

The Nest (Minigun Turret, High Ground advantage)

Fallen Cranes (Minigun Turret)

Demolition Site (Minigun Turret, High Ground advantage)

The Cinder Block (Minigun Turret, High Ground advantage)

Navy Plaza (Minigun Turret, High Ground advantage, Go to the nearby Hyena chest + Air Drop Crate rooftop area and snipe the shit out of the defenders, you can use Nemesis to clear the entire Phase 1 and then use the Minigun Turret to clear Phase 2)

Solar Farm (bad position of Minigun Turret)

Ivy Tunnel (bad position of Minigun Turret)

The Mast (bad position of Minigun Turret)

Taxi Graveyard (High Ground advantage)

Overgrowth (High Ground advantage)

Crash Site (High Ground advantage)

No Hope Hotel (High Ground advantage)

The Choke (High Ground advantage)

MLK Memorial Library (High Ground advantage, Use rope to go up the 1st floor before firing flare gun)

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