Craig Federighi dismisses Sundar Pichai's criticism over turning privacy into a ‘luxury good’

Privacy was not at the forefront of mobile when Android was blowing up. Up until recently I'd argue that few people even cared much aside from those of us that follow this kind of news, even now you'll find yourself hard-pressed to find too many average people up in arms about it. The vocal minority are geeks like us.

Now that privacy is starting to take over the industry, Google's argument is that if Apple gave such a shit they wouldn't expect users to drop 1000 or more dollars on a device to get it. When Android is NOW focusing on privacy because it matters more now than it ever has, and there are dozens of alternatives you can purchase to get that level or privacy.

It's a simple argument, I'm not on anyone's side but it's honestly baffling that everyone here seems to miss the point. If anyone truly believes Craig when he says their products are “certainly not just a luxury.” Then you're either an idiot or just too far into the Apple Kool-Aid bowl to turn back.

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