Everyone that has downvoted this post, upvote it. We must not let /u/Bonfim_BR become the Lord of Shit and take over the world.

/u/Bonfim_BR is pure evil that disguises itself as a redditor. We must spread the word, for it has one weakness: the word "cringe".

/u/Bonfim_BR has submitted a terrible post about how it is butthurt because someone exploited its weakness by accident. We cannot let it take over humanity.

If we let its "artwork" gain enough upvotes, people will become hypnotized and think of it as good. We must downvote /u/Bonfim_BR as much as possible, to show its mindless "fans" that it is "cringey".

Cringe. A mystical power that only a few thousand redditors have access to, it points out every little flaw in bad things and exposes weaknesses. Cringe is a legendary ability that nobody truly understands. It is a powerful tool.

Anything can join the dark side if it is posted on a subreddit that harnesses the power of "cringe".

A person with the ability to cringe is called a cringer. Cringers gain more power through "upvotes", which increases their ability to find things with lots of flaws that can be exploited by the power of "cringe".

Few people have mastered "cringe", but some of them include /u/Doomedis, /u/Chocolate2890, /u/MagicMan350, /u/ButterFingerzMCPE, /u/Camwood7, /u/therealKx3D, /u/Jrmwise, /u/WavingStory, /u/kingofpeanuts1987, /u/Xarioes, and to a lesser extent, /u/Ballonz_boy.

When someone uses cringe to spot problems in things, they show it off in the form of a post on reddit.

/u/Bonfim_BR is an intermediate from of cringe material. It is rather evil, but it is not as bad as "super minecraft kid", "FZone96", and "3LAMESTUDIO", which are sheer villainy in the form of solid matter.

Occasionally, cringe fails and cringers take it negatively. When this happens, they "downvote" the post, reducing its power. Eventually, the cringed that used "cringe" in the first place is temporarily hypnotized and is prompted to remove all traces of the post.

There are several subreddits that harness cringe power, but some of them include /r/SonicCringe, /r/UndertaleCringe, /r/minecraftcringe, /r/MyLittlePonyCringe, and best of all, /r/CringeAnarchy, which is filled with cringe masters from all over the world.

So here's the cringe dictionary:

Cringe: A mysterious force that points out the flaws in things

Reddit: A site with forums called "subreddits", many of which harness cringe

Redditor: Someone that uses reddit

Cringey: Something that cringe can point out the flaws in

Cringing: Using the power of cringe

Cringiest: Something that is more susceptible to cringe than something else

Cringer: Someone that uses cringe for good

Upvote: A legendary power that is only known to be useable on reddit, it increases a post's power

Downvote: Closely related to upvote, it decreases a post's power

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