Craziest Parent Story

Fifth grader changed schools mid-year. Kid has a lot of emotions tied up in leaving the school she attended for 5 years. Kid is super bright in math, but is made to take remedial math tests every day for two months starting with 2x multiplication times tables the kid mastered in third grade, in order to assess her ability.

Kid cries at night because she feels like she has to 'prove herself all over again' to her new teacher amid all the other emotions of being at a new school.

Parent asks via e-mail if kid can take several tests at a time during recess or after school to hasten getting through the remedial material that makes her cry at night.

Parent isn't trying to stop the teacher's testing procedure, only get the kid through the procedure faster so kid is up-to-speed with her classmates who are doing remedial daily division tests by this point in the school year.

Teacher says no, this is her procedure and she's sticking to it. Parent asks, and does, speak to the teacher after school.

Teacher sits down with parent while wearing sunglasses on a sunny day, emotionless, and asks what parent wants to talk about (because she already said 'no' in the e-mail, therefore the issue isn't open to discussion). She has her procedure and she's not altering it in any way.

Oh, wait, that's my crazy teacher story. In talking to other parents, none were surprised by the experience, and say the teacher 'runs hot and cold' and the kids know which way she is on a particular day.

In the end, my kid slugged it out for the next few months doing the remedial testing, acing the remedial material and becoming the top student in the class. But the school lost significant volunteer opportunities from me because of the teacher's behavior and the principal's indifference. Oh well.

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