In the US, is that crazy law that states that you can kill someone as long as their in your house true?

First, that’s something out of a movie and is in no way a legal situation. Second, I think it’s fuckin crazy to not have the ability to guard against intruders with whatever force necessary, which is essentially how the laws read. If someone is crazy enough to come into my house while my family is sleeping then there is no way of knowing how far they intended to take it. However if I just come out of the bedroom and blast this dude away while he is unarmed and isn’t trying to hurt anyone, in most cases, your not just going to get a high five from the cops and be on your way.

In a lot of states you can only shoot if you are backed into a corner and have no way of exiting your house. These poor fuckers are at the mercy of the intruder. The law actually states you are supposed to try to exit your own home and not confront the threat unless your or your family is in a situation where they can’t exit.

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