crazy neighbor attempts murder

For discussion. It's subscribe or don't read source but I play/stop with refresh until the story displays, why I'm posting the story rather than just leave the link. I have not yet found out if the driver of the ramming or was ever apprehended. This should help with a few details though. I found a youtube video also with a news report and it's good but this article seems more comprehensive.

Viral video: ‘I dare you, bra’ — Driver rams car into man during spat over pot in Antioch

Kevin Fagan Nov. 12, 2019

A jolting video showing one man ramming another with his car on Monday in Antioch after an argument over marijuana went viral with more than 1.5 million views, and police are investigating the incident as an assault.

The 2-minute, 20-second video posted on Twitter starts out in the middle of the argument, with one man in a gray hooded sweatshirt yelling at another wearing a cap, with a third man standing nearby listening. They’re all outside the capped man’s SUV on a quiet, neatly maintained street near an elementary school in the south part of town.

“They stole my weed, bro! I stopped him. I’m trying to get it back,” the man in the sweatshirt says before doubling over and coughing several times.

The man in the cap says, “What you trying to do, bra’ — you hit my... car!” The first man responds, “Yeah, ‘cause you stole my... weed, bro!”

At 1:40 in the video, the man in the sweatshirt gets into his black sedan, which was parked in front of the SUV, and guns the car backward. He positions it facing the SUV. The man in the cap stands just outside his driver door and says, “Hit me with your... car, I dare you, bra’.”

That’s when the man in the black car slams his vehicle into the victim, shoving the SUV back with the force of the blow. The man in the cap cries out and hobbles to the sidewalk and falls down.

At 1:58 in the video, the man in the black car speeds off. A woman gets out of the SUV’s passenger side and shrieks, “Oh my god!” The victim moans, “Oh, my leg,” and a few seconds later the video ends.

An Antioch police spokesperson said the incident is being investigated, but declined to comment further.

The woman who shot the video said she began filming when she heard what sounded like a car crash outside her window at around 10:30 a.m.

“I walked outside and the dude in the gray North Face hoodie was tussling with the female in the SUV,” said Tatiana Slater, 19. “The North Face guy was getting choked by the other male, and that’s why he was choking later, trying to catch his breath.”

Slater’s boyfriend, Darius Fields, 20, was the third man in the video. He said the man in the hoodie said he ran a dispensary, and that the woman had stolen his marijuana and put it in her purse.

“I just wanted to de-escalate the situation, and nobody else was coming to their aid,” Fields said. “Stuff like that doesn’t happen in this neighborhood. It was crazy.”

Slater and Fields said that when the man in the hoodie got into his car, they thought he was getting a weapon.

“I was shocked when he did that with the car,” Slater said. “When the other guy fell onto the ground we went over and he told us his legs were broken. But after the ambulance came, he didn’t take the ride because he said he didn’t have medical insurance and didn’t want to pay the fee. So he tied his car door closed and drove himself to the hospital.”

Slater said the victim has communicated with her through social media, but she doesn’t know his name. She said he told her that instead of broken legs, he suffered a fractured hip and a cracked shin. She said he also told her he did not know his attacker, and that the woman in the car was a friend, but not a girlfriend.

“That was literally the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Slater said. “I’m glad nothing even worse happened.”

The video, she said, was posted on Twitter by her brother, who serves in the Army in Georgia. The comments that proliferated in reaction ranged from sympathy and outrage to mocking and apparent enjoyment.

“Over weed?” posted on person with a confused emoji face.

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