Crazy Weird Foot Locks by Warren Brooks

I hear what you're saying, I could of done it wrong possibly, but I feel like with some techniques, maybe its the way I'm executing them, but some people just don't wanna tap to really dangerous locks.

Like heel hooks, I got somebody in one, dead to rights the other day, and the only option I was given was literally break this guy's ankle or just release it. So I released it.

Girls do it too, I got one a girl in a kesa gatame arm lock and she just straight up refused to tap, but its like all I had to do was hip up to pop her arm, I was trying to do it slowly so she could feel it and tap, but she just was all fire and warrior mindset and just stood up. So I released it.

I thought to myself, if this was a real fight, I would of broken her shoulder, or I would of broken that guys ankle.

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