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Haha fuck these god damn bottle service/dress code clubs. They are all fuckin sneaky, shifty and slimy douche bags who will fuck you over good.

This happened to me when I went to Vegas. I bought tickets for Wet Republic AND Hakkasan. I was super hype to check out one of those big ass Vegas clubs but to my shock I found out the show was 21+.

What's shitty is that these Wet Repbulic/Hakkasan assholes didn't even put ANYWHERE obvious or visible that the event was 21+. When was buying the ticket it literally said NOWHERE that it was 21+. It wasn't until a friend told me that clubs in Vegas are all usually 21+ that I went digging through the FAQ and finally I found the " this event is 21+" in the fine print smack dab in the middle of a long ass paragraph.

You literally have to look really closely at the fine print to finally find out that it's 21+. I find it ironic that these assholes make it very very clear that there are not refunds whatsoever under any circumstances and that sales are final but they are not the least bit explicit in stating that the event is 21+ and letting people know that you need to be 21 so that you don't waste ur fuckin buying a ticket to a show you can't attend if you are under 21. I wasted $100 because these assholes swindled me out of my money by not explicitly stating it was 21+ to avoid this kind of confusion. It's obvious they want to rip off people who aren't familiar with the Vegas clubs not knowing that clubs in Vegas are all 21+. Fuck those scummy assholes. At Echostage they very explicitly state that the event is 18+ before you buy the tic

That's just ONE of the scummier things these damn Vegas bottle service type clubs do. Let's not mention that the scene at these clubs is pretty terrible. These clubs book bottom of the barrel bigroom house "Djs" like Steve Aoki and shit like Tiesto and nobody at these clubs cares about the music or integrity. It's all socialite douche baggery at these clubs. Literally nobody there is raging or raving. People are there standing around with their dress clothes and dress shoes holdin their expensive drinks talking and not even being there to rave or enjoy the music the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

I don't blame the people as much tho, I mean you can't expect people to actually be going hard to bullshit like Martin Garrix or Avicii. It's all generic lame shit that noobs and custies listen too and think is the shit. It's the club owners who book generic lame house shit cuz they know nobody gets down to that shit which means the patrons are gonna spend their time buying drinks and shit rather than focusing on music and going hard. They don't book any dubstep or bass music because Bassheads and real electornic fans rage the fuck out and don't fuck with their shitty bottle service bullshit.


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