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Name: Jarsh

Age: 14

Race: White, Human

Gender: Male

Description. A scar on my right forearm where I was whipped due to disobedience. I have chestnut brown hair, freckles, and brown eyes.

Background: Born in Vault 59 in the Gulf Commonwealth shortly after I was born, the Enclave breached the vault door, by bribing the Overseer of the vault, looking for a G.E.C.K. My mother saved me and took me to a settlement in the New California Republic's territory where my grandfather lived. After I was brought to him my mother ran from the Enclave until she was killed shortly after. From the time I was 7 to the time I was 9 my Grandpa taught me to live off the land and to hunt with a hunting rifle. But when I was 9, Caesar's Legion raided the village and killed my Grandpa and several others. I was taken to a camp, where I lived as a slave for a year of my life. 2 days after my tenth birthday, a man came and offered to buy me. He talked of a place called Paradise Falls in the Capitol Wasteland. I thought that place could be what I hoped it would be. But it wasn't, it was a cruel slaving business run by Eulogy Jones. I lived there for the next 3 years of my life. There, I learned to pick locks to get extra food and I even found a gun and some armor that I hid under my bunk. I learned to fix things and also tear them apart. After three years of hard and extensive labor, I'd had enough. I managed to defuse the explosive in the collar and jimmy it off. I then put on the combat armor and equipped the sniper I had found and ran away in the dead of night. I ran until I found the settlement of Megaton. There I bought a .44, a bandana, and some shades to cover my identity from slavers, and some ammo. Outside of the town I met a caravaner named Dirk. He told me he was making an expedition from the Gulf to the Mojave. I told him I'd lend him a hand for 25% of the profits. He took me up on my offer and we traveled for 6 months. When I arrived in Novac it was 3 months after my 14th birthday. Now I wander the wastes of the New California Republic's territory.

Personality: Hostile towards slavers of any kind and members of Caesar's Legion.

Special: The stats of your character.

Strength: 5

Perception: 5

Endurance: 5

Charisma: 10

Intelligence: 5

Agility: 5

Luck: 5

Skills: Handy with bobby pins and a good piece on his side.

Energy Weapons: 50

Explosives: 35

Guns: 75

Melee Weapons: 35

Unarmed: 35

Barter: 100

Lockpick: 76

Medicine: 25

Repair: 50

Science: 15

Sneak: 50

Speech: 100

Survival: 75

Equipment: He has a sniper rifle on his back, a combat knife in a sheath on his ankle and a .44 magnum on the right side of his hip. He wears combat armor and a green bandana on around his head. He also wears wayfarer type sunglasses.

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