Creation 15-questions and my response to my Dad.

15. Why is a fundamentally religious idea, a dogmatic belief system that fails to explain the evidence, taught in science classes?

Because it isn't a fundamentally religious idea,

A religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. Evolution is an Organized Collection of observations and understandings that have been theorized, tested and rigorously hypothesised against and has been widely accepted by many scientists who have no POLITICAL NOR MONETARY NOR PERSONAL gain from accepting it.

The difference would be, Galileo, the guy we talked about above, had the CORRECT theory that the Earth wasn't the centre of the universe. He stated that it revolved around the Sun. He had no political or monetary or personal gain from accepting this or pushing that idea onto other people. The Church, who DOES have political, and monetary, and personal gain from keeping people ignorant of such things denied him that and actually put him in prison.

The quiz is stupid btw... It just kinda forces you to pick their answers where none of the answers actually answers the question. Like the first question, how did life originate? It says Spontaneous generation of living cells from non-living materials has frequently been observed... But Living cells have been observed from non-living materials via chemical reactions. It's just kinda stupid so I didn't go through it.

The CMI: Evolutionism is not appropriate for anyone- a response to Bill Nye

... He talks about how low on the Earth's scale US is for education, then he backs it up with "Stop teaching this super complicated stuff"... Teach them to read! WELL YEA... The school system is broken because it's a numbers game. Homeschooling works only if the parent is wiling to engage with their kids. Schooling works really well if the teacher engages with the students. If you have ignorant people sending their kids to school, and the parents are disagreeing with everything the teacher is saying, and everyone around the kids keep saying the school is dumb, what is the kid going to believe? That's why you see a higher success rate of children in rich white neighbourhoods than ghetto areas because it's a part of the culture to not care about school, where as to us school is everything (get your education, work hard, get a job etc etc yadda yadda). Honestly we need to start putting important things and more difficult things into the school system and make it more iterative and longer. Kids gotta go to college, so include college in education and make it 16 years of education instead of 12. But make it meaningful education.


This was really fun at the start then it got super boring cause of how ridiculous these things were getting and what they were trying to explain didn't seem correct. I had a hard time following what message they were getting across at times, and they seemed to get side-tracked a lot.

I certainly learned more about what creationists think... But the whole website does absolutely nothing in terms of making me doubt evolution.

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