Creative decisions in media that you think don't work all that well.

The Hulk's arc from the first Avengers through Endgame.

He was fantastic in that first Avengers film, they did a great job building up the fear and tension around him. In Ultron they stumbled a bit, but still some good stuff. Ragnarok had some interesting ideas, with the Hulk finally growing unto himself, and his transformation into Banner might be one of my favorite scenes in the MCU: It completely flips the dynamic from his first transformation in Avengers, with Hulk fighting desperately and helplessly to keep Banner in out of fear he'll cost him everything he's gained.

But largely due to Ragnarok's tone, we don't get much more of that dynamic, with Bruce being more or less comic relief, culminating in what is built up as his 'death', fearing transforming again will leave him locked forever within Hulk, being played for laughs.

Then Infinity War rolls around, Hulk gets Worfed, which I'm actually fine with, but then we get so little else that the Russo's had to explain what they were going for because so many thought Hulk was just scared of Thanos.

And finally, Endgame. The death of the Hulk. We get the Professor. How did that happen? A few months in a gamma lab, boom! No more Hulk personality! No more anger issues! Just big green Bruce!

And they could have saved it. They were so close. All they had to do was make it so when Bruce got pushed out of his body by the Ancient One, Hulk stayed standing as his Ragnarok self. We could have gotten more insight into Bruce and Hulk's new dynamic, an actual conversation between them, allusions to Hulk's comic ability to see astral projections, and just more actual Hulk!

But nah. Just Bruce. I know they were limited by the whole Universal rights shenanigans, so this sort of thing was all they could do to develop the Hulk, but I'd have liked more of him before they got effectively got rid of him.

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