Creator of popular petition to replace Confederate statues with Britney Spears tributes says singer 'means more to us than most of the historic figures we've learned about in history class'

Learn anything about history and you can see it's the same crap over and over, you have to learn from the past. Human lifetimes are short in the grand scheme of things.

Trying to erase what happened is a sure way to prevent future generations of learning what to avoid and grow socially as a society. I'm not saying you should keep statues up and worship people who did horrific things, but saying Brittany spears means more to your history tell me you need to learn more about history, not just of your own country but the world in general.

Go to Germany and you get reminders about what happened in WW2 everywhere. They make sure that everyone knows and understand that this is our mistake and must learn from it and never forget it.

In the grand scheme of things, the modern world is not very old at all, and the digital age is maybe 1 1/2 generations. Scrubbing what your country didn't because you don't like it will exponentially increase the chances of falling into the same pitfalls many generations later. Not understand that human kind is longer than your 70 year life is why humanity keeps endlessly fucking up.

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